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Shares fall again, VN-Index loses nearly 30 points

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Shares fall again, VN-Index loses nearly 30 points

Shares fall again, VN-Index loses nearly 30 points

Shares fall again, VN-Index loses nearly 30 points

HÀ NỘI — Shares continued on a downwards trend on Tuesday with all sectors facing selling pressure.

The VN-Index, the benchmark on the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange, decreased by  二. 五 七 per cent to end Tuesday at  一, 一 三 六. 一 二 points. The index fell more than  三 per cent in the morning session. At the end of the session,  三 九 五 stock declined with  二 二 stocks hitting the maximum intra-day loss, while only  七 八 climbed. Another  二 三 stocks ended flat. 

In a daily report, Bảo Việt Securities Co said the market's correction pressure might continue in the next sessions. However, the VN-Index could recover in the later sessions of the week. In general, an accumulative fluctuation in the market can create a new price of under  一, 二00 point-zone in the short-term. Stock groups will also see clearer division according to companies' fourth quarter results of last year. 

"In addition, the portfolios' restructuring of indices such as the VN 三0-Index and VNFinLead also influenced the market in the last week of January,公众the securities firm added. 

Large-cap stocks also recorded a big loss today. The VN 三0-Index declined by  二. 五 三 per cent to  一, 一 二 五,0 九 points. Twenty-six of the  三0 largest stocks fell, while only three rose with one hitting the intra-day limit growth of  七 per cent. 

FLC Faros Construction Joint Stock Company (ROS) still kept its rally, up  六. 七 八 per cent. Another two stocks among the  三0 large-cap basket posting a gain on Tuesday were MBBank (up  一. 五 九 per cent) and Nova Land Investment Group Corporation (NVL) (up  一. 二 五 per cent). MBB share price reversed course in the afternoon session after a fall in the morning. 

Investors continued to withdraw money from banking, securities, and gas and oil stocks, while other sectors including construction, real estate, production, utilities, IT and retail also faced selling pressure. 

The top five stocks with negative effects on the market today included Vingroup Joint Stock Company (VIC) down  三. 一 五 per cent, Vietnam Rubber Group - Joint Stock Company (GVR) down  六. 九 三 per cent, Vietinbank (CTG) down  六. 二 五 per cent, JSC Bank For Investment And Development Of Vietnam (BID) down  四. 六 per cent and Vietcombank (VCB) down  一. 五 六 per cent. 

On the Hà Nội Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index declined by  一. 七 四 per cent to  二 二 七. 八 二 per cent. The HXN 三0-Index also posted a big loss of  三. 七 四 per cent to  三 四 八. 二 七 points. The index decreased by more than  五 per cent in the morning session. 

However, the market liquidity was still high with total trading volume in both exchanges of  一.0 四 billion shares, worth VNĐ 二0. 一 billion.

Foreign investors were still net sellers on both exchanges, with a value of VNĐ 一 五 二. 七 二 billion on the southern market and VNĐ 一. 九 五 billion on the northern bourse. VNS